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100% Customer Satisfaction

We believe the SongStation MDVD-688 will completely change the way you sing karaoke. Never before has such a system existed in the market.

But don't just take our word for it. Check out some of the great feedback that our customers have to say below. Listen to their audio testimonials.


"The SongStation is By Far,

Hands Down THE Best and Most

Feature-Rich of Them All"

The SongStation Karaoke System TestimonialWithout a doubt, The SongStation is the #1 karaoke machine for karaoke lovers I know. It's really that good. I've always been amazed at amount of songs the SongStation has.

I'm still amazed even after buying this 1 year ago! The guys at my studios have been having a blast with this every Monday morning! If you want to purchase. any karaoke product, I couldn't imagine sending you to anywhere else

Michelle Called & Left The Following Message:

Here is the verdict: The SongStation Karaoke System is by far, hands down THE Best and the most feature-rich of all of them.

Thank you for making my Mondays a little more exciting.

- Michelle Ramos
Planet Of Rock Studios



" Prepare To Be Blown Away...

There Is Now A New Benchmark

For Karaoke Systems In The Market "

The SongStation Karaoke System TestimonialHi Christine, well, you pulled up all the stops here!

There is unbelievable content in this karaoke machine including an amazing 53,000 songs!

Mandy Called & Left The Following Message:

The value you get is simply astounding. It is arguably the best karaoke equipment I've ever purchased on the Internet.

All I can say is; prepare to be blown away when you turn on the machine

There is now a new benchmark for karaoke systems in the market.

- Mandy Whitley
Hurst, TX



" I Was Up Until 4 A.M Singing

Karaoke The Night I Got It !

... Nothing Short of Spectacular ! "

The SongStation Karaoke System TestimonialI'm always wary of products that claim to be the best but I've decided to purchase the SongStation based on a personal recommendation from a friend.

Janet Called & Left The Following Message:

Heck, now the SongStation is my best friend! What you have here is simply nothing short of spectacular!

I was up until 4 a.m singing karaoke the night I got it! I held my first karaoke party on the following Sunday and everyone wanted to buy one after the party.

Thank you once again SongStation for creating this amazing product.

- Janet Hendrix
Skylet Technologies
Calgary, AB



" If You Love Singing, You Owe It

To Yourself To Get This. It Makes A

Great Gift For Karaoke Lovers "

SongStation Karaoke Machine TestimonialHi Christine, This is John From MediaGuru Enterprise Thank you for the invitation to record a testimonial.

John Called & Left The Following Message:

I've just received the SongStation 2 weeks ago and I've only just hooked it up. I can't thank you enough for this awesome product.

It'll be the best gift for any karaoke lovers. It's great even for those who have never sang karaoke before.

I've been using the SongStation to get my "tone deaf" brother to croon like Elvis! The funny part is, he's never a karaoke kind of guy.

I've organized two karaoke party sessions and it has been a total blast. It's great for hooking up girls too !

Anyone out there who loves singing, you owe it to yourself to get the SongStation. You won't regret it.

- John Rasmusssen
MediaGuru Enterprise Pte Ltd
Fresh Meadows, NY



" Insanely Fun! My Husband

Is One Very Happy Man... "

SongStation Karaoke Machine TestimonialHey Chrstine! Here's your testimontial...

Deborah Called & Left The Following Message:

I have been using The SongStation for about 6 months. It just keeps getting better.

As far as I am concerned, this is the best machine I've ever seen for Karaoke.

I initially bought this item for my daughter's party but my husband has now completely taken over the system!

I am very impressed and I would recommend this product to anyone who loves singing.

- Deborah Gordon
Overland Park, KS



" I'm Totally *Wowed* By This !

I Don't Think I'll Ever Need To

Buy Another Karaoke Disc Again "

SongStation Karaoke Machine TestimonialHi there, this is Jim. I've only just purchased the SongStation and I'm totally "wowed" by it.

Jim Called & Left The Following Message:

Where was this 12 years ago when I first started karaoke? Everyone at home absolutely loved the system.

Needless to say, I'm amazed not only with the amount of songs but the sound quality as well. I don't think I'll *ever* need to buy another karaoke disc again!

My wife needed a new DVD player as well so I love the fact that it is an all-in-one machine.

Thank you for this fantastic product. Take care and god bless.

- Jim Davidson
Montreal, QC



" The Number Of Tracks And

The Song Quality Alone Are

Simply Mind Boggling! "

SongStation Karaoke Machine TestimonialWell what can I say?

I seldom write testimonials even if requested but Christine of "The SongStation" has made me, a very happy person.

So I just I'll make this an exception.


Perry Called & Left The Following Message:

I was expecting a good karaoke system for my girlfriend's party but it exceeded all my expectations! The number of tracks and the quality of the recordings alone are simply mind boggling!

I seriously don't know how you guys can manage to squeeze 53,000 songs in that player but it has officially caused me to become a karaoke addict!

Every Sunday is now karaoke party time for me and my friends.

I'd go as far as to say that if you can only buy one karaoke machine in your lifetime, then The SongStation is definitely the product!

- Perry Mullins
Fort Blackmore, VA


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Mr. Perry Mullins
" It exceeded all my expectations! The number of tracks and the quality of the recordings alone are simply mind boggling...; " | Listen To Audio
Miss Michelle Ramos
" Without a doubt, The SongStation is the #1 karaoke machine for karaoke lovers I know. I'm amazed at amount of songs the SongStation has; " | Listen To Audio
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