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The Latest Trend In Home Karaoke Machines - The SongStation

At long last, technology and value have caught up to the home karaoke machine industry. You can now get a karaoke system that has it all - a host of the latest features, 53,000 in built karaoke songs, quality, and value all rolled into a karaoke machine the size of a slim-line DVD player! Wow! What is this marvel? It's called The SongStation Karaoke Machine.

The ultimate in convenience, the SongStation Karaoke Machine is also a DVD player, CD player, and karaoke player in one unit. A plug-n-play system, it hooks up to your home TV or entertainment system in five minutes flat.

And that's just the beginning. When you step up to sing karaoke, this little wonder has the power to make you sound like a star! Now you're probably saying, "Yeah, right, it has magic powers. Let's see 'em." OK, let's look at how it does it.

This karaoke system gives you the controls to alter the pitch, key, and tempo of each song to best complement your voice. Then you can set the echo to just the right amount of reverb to make you sound like a professional. Want to sing duets? The dual microphone inputs let each partner have their own microphone, each with it's own separate controls for volume and pitch. It doesn't matter if one of you sings loudly and the other one has a soft voice. Simply adjust your controls of your karaoke machine for a perfect harmony!

Want to host a karaoke contest at your next party? The Songstation Karaoke Machine also scores your contestants. The score is based on how well the singer controls his volume, pitch, intonation, tempo, and tone consistency. You can also use the scoring feature to improve your own performance, and watch your scores get higher and higher as you practice to perfection.

Speaking of having a party, you can pre-program your own selection of your favorite 99 songs, or set the karaoke machine to run the private compilation of 540 hit tunes. You can even set it to welcome your guests for you with a customized Welcome Message or greeting. How cool is that?

What if you want to learn a new song? This karaoke system also comes to your rescue with a Vocals On/Off control. You can play the vocals with the music until you have it down pat, and then turn the vocals back off to practice your karaoke.

Yes, this latest trend in home karaoke machines can certainly provide you with hours of nonstop fun and entertainment for your family and friends. You'll be the host with the most. And you can turn on the smiles with just a click of your remote control.

Ease, convenience, fun, and great value. No wonder more people every day are discovering the joys of the SongStation Karaoke Machine.


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Mr. Perry Mullins
" It exceeded all my expectations! The number of tracks and the quality of the recordings alone are simply mind boggling...; " | Listen To Audio
Miss Michelle Ramos
" Without a doubt, The SongStation is the #1 karaoke machine for karaoke lovers I know. I'm amazed at amount of songs the SongStation has; " | Listen To Audio
Enrique Iglesias Songs
Listen to top hits such as "Hero" -Enrique Iglesias Karaoke Songs
Sarah Mclachlan Songs
Top karaoke tracks such as "Angel", "Building a Mystery" & more. -Sarah Mclachlan Karaoke Songs


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