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Karaoke Songs Demo Video Download The SongStation


This are samples of a typical Karaoke song track included with The SongStation MDVD-688 DVD Karaoke Machine.

These tracks are professional recorded in the style of the original recording artist and is just a few of massive 53,000 karaoke songs inbuilt into "The SongStation" Karaoke Player & DVD Entertainment System

Note: Demos are recorded with the "vocal assist on". You can off the vocals anytime to sing the song with your own voice.

Please click on the links below to view sample demo tracks of songs with lead guide and full backing vocals. All links open in a new window at our YouTube homepage

Original Artist
Song Title

The SongStation

The Eagles

Sarah Mclachlan

Robbie Williams

The Eagles

:The Bee Gees

Lynyrd Skynyrd

Sarah Mclachlan

John Lennon

Enrique Iglesias

Christina Aguilera

Eric Clapton

R. Kelly

The Beatles

Everly Brother

Elton John

REO Speedwagon


Christina Aguilera


The Eagles

John Denver

Beyonce Knowles


Kelly Clarkson


The Carpenters

The Carpenters

Elvis Presley

Scoring Video Demo

New Kid In Town - (Vocals Off)


She's The One

New Kid In Town

Too Much Heaven

Sweet Home Alabama

I Will Remember You



I Turn To You

Tears In Heaven

I Believe I Can Fly

Hey Jude

All I Have To Do Is Dream


Can't Fight This Feeling

My Immortal


Crazy Little Thing Called Love

Hotel California

Take Me Home Country Roads

Crazy In Love

In My Place

A Moment Like This

Beautiful Day

Yesterday Once More

Mr Postman

And I Love You So

This is just a few of the 10,000 English Tracks included with Guide Lead / Partner Vocals.

These songs are presented to give you a general overview of the breadth of musical taste accommodated and the quality of the guide partner vocal tracks. In addition there are an extra 7,500 English tracks where no guide / partner vocals are available. However, all tracks have guide lyrics.

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The On-Screen Song Library :

The video below gives you a quick overview of how easy it is to navigate around the On-Screen Song Library using the system's Remote Control.

The library is organised into sections according to the language of choice. Once the song language has been selected you are able to view the relevant songs alphabetically in either the order of the song title or the original recording artist.

To select a song you simply highlight the song and press "ENTER" to book the song or press "PLAY" to play the song immediately. It is that easy.


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More Screen Shots :

The Karaoke machine offers On-Screen song selection by Singer / Band or Song Title. There is also a Quick Screen Alphabetical Search facility.

Spanish Karaoke Song Selection ( Click On Image To Enlarge )

Spanish Karaoke Song Selection

Karaoke Song Selection Favourite Lists - ( Click On Image To Enlarge )

Karaoke Tracks Favourite List

You can programe the player to store up to 540 favorite
songs in up to 9 favorite song categories. These songs
are then available for quick recall when required

Customisation of Guide Lyric Fonts: The font style and colour of the Guide Lyrics can easily be changed to accommodate personal preferences.

Equaliser Sound Styles: Choice of equaliser sound styles - Normal, Disco, Jazz, Classic & Stadium.

Pinyin Lyrics Display: As an option with the Chinese, Taiwanese and Cantonese song tracks you can also view the Chinese lyrics as romanised Pinyin characters.

Plus the Usual Karaoke Functions: Play - Pause - Stop - Analogue / Digital - Key Change (including Male & Female voice selection - Tempo Change - Echo - Volume Control - Dual Microphone Input - MELODY ( On / Off / Automatic Guide vocal selection).

Setup Screen 1 - ( Click On Image To Enlarge )

Karaoke Machine System Setup 1

Setup Screen 2 - ( Click On Image To Enlarge )

Karaoke Machine System Setup 2

Setup Screen 3 - ( Click On Image To Enlarge )

Karaoke Machine System Setup 3

Pre-select / Schedule up to 99 Songs: You are able to schedule, at any one time up, to 99 songs for playback

Song List: In addition to the On-Screen selection facilities, each player comes with it's own "hardcopy" Song List. Tracks can easily be selected by keying in from the Remote - the Song Number listed in the Song List.

Background Vdeo: It is available in two options - The Master DVD library disc offers landscape style background while the backup copy offers MTV; pop style videos. The choice is yours.

Simple Song Selection: Just key in via the remote control the song track number taken from the Song List

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