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Karaoke Microphones The SongStation Mic
Karaoke Microphone - Corded & Wireless

Because the choice of a microphone to use with any Karaoke Machine is very much a matter of personal taste and preference (eg corded or wireless etc), the SongStation Modix MDVD-688 player is NOT usually offered as standard with a vocal microphone.

If you are looking for Karaoke microphone to go with your player, purchase the Deluxe Edition of The SongStation. It includes two M-595 vocal microphones as well as a portable carry case with individual microphone pouches

Offering Summary -
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M-595Corded Vocal Microphone with 3.5 Metre Reach Cable$49.95
Portable Carry Case With Individual Mic Pouches(Included in Deluxe Edition)

The SongStation M-595
Corded Vocal Microphone with 3.5 Metre Reach Cable

Note: As a Special Promotional Offer, when you order the MDVD-688 Karaoke Player "Deluxe Edition" we are bundling Free Of Charge one extra M-595 Microphone with each machine . . . but only while stocks last!

Thats is a saving of $49.95 that comes with a free carry case.

STOCK -Currently Available
The DigiLYF M-595 is an inexpensive Quality cable microphone.  It is the perfect dynamic mic for any general vocal application -  whether outdoors or indoors, singing or speech.

With it's stainless steel shaft and robust design , it is a extremely popular choice with Karaoke users who are looking for a robust and 'solid feeling' mic that is capable of delivering a low ambient noise level and wide dynamic range - essential for all those love ballads, rock' n' roll classics and even screaming heavy metal song renditions.

The SongStation Karaoke Microphone M-595

M-595 Corded Microphone Features:
 Metal Tube Microphone TypeDynamic
 Polar Pattern:Uni-Directional
 Frequency Response:80Hz -13,000Hz
 Sensitivity:-70dB ±3dB (0dB=1V/Pa at 1KHz)
 Output Impedance:600W at 1KHz
 Colour:Silver - Stainless Steel Shaft
 Cable Length:3 metres - 9 feet
 Warranty:Full 12 months Return to Base Warranty
 Item comprises:M-595 Microphone, 3.5 Metre Reach Cable and User Manual.
The SongStation Deluxe Edition also includes:
Portable Microphone Carry Case (fits 2 microphones) with individual pouches

STOCK -Currently Available
The deluxe edition of The SongStation Karaoke System not only offers two M-595 (current promotion) but it also comes with a carry case that fits two microphones as well as a sleek classy pouch carrier for your microphone.
Karaoke Microphone M-595 Pouch


The SongStation M-595 is an inexpensive quality cable microphone; It is the perfect dynamic mic for any general vocal application -whether outdoors or indoors, singing or speech.

Karaoke Microphone
Karaoke Microphone Pouch

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