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Karaoke Player Machines The Song Station


Announcing The Biggest, Baddest

& Sexiest Karaoke Machine System ,

With Over 53,000 In Built Songs ...

Please turn on your speakers and listen to a special message from Christine @ The SongStation Studios

What if I told you that a humble karaoke machine will change your life forever? If you love singing, then please listen on as this may be the most important product you'll ever purchase. Introducing the SongStation Karaoke System...


" The SongStation " MDVD-688

Karaoke Machine & DVD Player

" 53,000 Karaoke Songs". Only karaoke player in the world with 53,000 songs. Never buy another Karaoke CD or DVD again. With totally unmatched features, this ultra-slim karaoke player represents the latest in DVD digital entertainment.
"All In 1 System " It is not just a karaoke machine. You can play DVD, CDG, VCD, Audio and MP3 discs with the Songstation.
Fully Compatibility with just about any disc format you would want to throw at it (DVD, DVD-MIDI, CD+G, MP3, CDR, CDRW & VCD).
#1 Karaoke Machine - While an extremely competent DVD player in it's own right, as a professional karaoke solution it leaves the likes of Sunfly, JVC, KAM and other karaoke players standing.
Audio Flexibility - Where an enhanced sound experience is called for it can be connected to an existing Hi-Fi / Amplifier system, ensuring that it is ideal for both the professional Karaoke Jock and home enthusiast.
Performance Scoring System - For all budding "wanna-be" X-Factor contenders, it even has the ability to automatically score your Karaoke performance!!

" Are You Ready To Transform

Your TV Into The Ultimate

Entertainment Machine ? "


Just when you think you have nice karaoke system setup with a decent collection of songs, something Bigger, Badder and even more Insane comes along. Still feeling skeptical? If you think you've a large enough karaoke collection....

Try 53,000 tracks.

Oh yes, with an amazing massive 53,000 Karaoke Song Track Library, the player is ideal for Parties, Pubs, Clubs, Cafes, Restaurants, and Its Your Complete Home Entertainment!

The best thing about such a powerful system is its ease of use. Just plug it into your TV and you'll instantly transform it into a Mega Karaoke Station, just like the pubs! If you have a Hi-Fi or Amplifier, hook it up to get a superior sound.

This 2008 model (MDVD-688) supercedes its predecessor, the MDVD-388 model. It is lighter, newer, more compact but it is jammed pack with more features and songs.

Designed and conceptualized in United States and manufactured in South Korea, the SongStation embodies quality and unsurpassed value. This one of a kind machine is not sold anywhere on the Internet.

It is currently being distributed in Australia and Europe only via concept stores and has not been introducted to the mass market. This product is the first of its kind on the Internet

Supplied with a full 12 month US & International  RTB warranty and after sales support.

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The SongStation Karaoke Machine Features :

  • On-Screen song-selection by Singer/Band or Song Title, Quick-Search by Alphabet (you don't need a song book)
  • Bundled with it's own library of 53,000 professionally produced international songs  9,500 English (2,200 with guide vocals / vocal partner), 3,700 Spanish, 18,000 Chinese, Cantonese, Taiwanese (2,000 with guide vocals), 500 Japanese, 8,000 Korean, 1,700 Indonesian, 1,900 Russian and 3,200 Filipino. Songs are supplied on a single DVD so you do not have to constantly be changing discs to locate tracks!
  • Pre-select / Schedule up to 99 songs - Just like in a real karaoke pub! Create the "Ultimate Karaok Night" Party!
  • "Kamikaze" Mode for Wild Party Fun! Randomize All 99 Songs for Karaoke Mayhem!
  • Easy Setup & Installation- Be up and running in 5 minutes! All You need is a Television! If you have an Hi-Fi or Amplifier, you have the option of hooking "The SongStation" through the inputs for a superior and enhanced sound. The television speaker will work just as fine! Our video demos are recorded via TV speakers.

  • Echo & Digital 12 Step Melody / Tempo and Key Control

  • Voice Cancel and Vocal Partner/ Guide Vocals on 1000s of Tracks - Listen to our YouTube video samples for the vocal quality!

  • Private compilation of favourite hits (60 songs / 9 category = total 540 songs)

  • Customised Welcome / Greeting Message during song-"interval" (Our samplere videos have the text as "Welcome to Emily's Party))

  • Plays all the usual Karaoke CD / DVD formats - including WMA & CD+G. So if you have any CD+G Karaoke discs already these will play on this machine as well. The advanced tempo and key changing functionality is only available when used with the our DVD library disc.

  • Dual-Microphone input and volume and echo control

  • Advanced Performance Scoring Option - Ever wanted to see who is the better singer? Settle it once and for all with our Scoring System software!


Dead Easy System Setup:

Controlled via the Remote, the initial system set up is easy through the on-screen menu system



DVD Player Features :


  • Digital Dolby AC-3 (5.1 Channels) and DTS (Digital Theatre Sound) with the ability to deliver 'virtual' surround effects under a 2.1 or 5.1 channel configuration
  • Multi Region DVD Playback - NTSC / PAL Switchable. All region including Region 2 (UK-Europe) and Region 1 (USA)

  • Subtitles can be displayed in one of a maximum of 32 languages

  • Composite and S-Video outputs (NTSC/Pal)

  • Support for Optical, S-Video, Coaxial and Component Connections (Beats most standard DVD Players in the market ! )

Image of Backview:


  • Audio soundtrack can be heard in up to 8 languages
  • Easy On-Screen Menu Access to all the systems functionality and playback options

  • Multi-angle function allows you to choose the viewing angle of scenes where shot from a number of differing angles

  • Parental lock facility to prevent the playing of discs considered unsuitable for certain audiences

  • Zoom ability enabling you to enlarge the video image

  • Full Remote Control - DVD & Karaoke

  • Compatible with CD+G, MP3, DVD, DVD +/-R, DVD +/- RW, VCD, SVCD, Audio CD, CD-R, CD-RW, JPEG & Kodak Picture CD

General Information :

  • Manufacturers - The SongStation Studios and Modix

  • Designed and Conceptualized in United States and Developed in South Korea

  • Colour - Silver - Player & Remote Control

  • Input Voltage & Frequency - Universal - 100V to 250V AC  50/60Hz

  • Includes 2 pin to 3 pin adaptor



Usual karaoke functions -
Analog / Digital, Key, Tempo, Melody, Echo.


"The SongStation is By Far,

Hands Down THE Best and Most

Feature-Rich of Them All"

Without a doubt, The SongStation is the #1 karaoke machine for karaoke lovers I know. It's really that good. I've always been amazed at amount of songs the SongStation has.

I'm still amazed even after buying this 1 year ago! The guys at my studios have been having a blast with this every Monday morning! If you want to purchase. any karaoke product, I couldn't imagine sending you to anywhere else

Here is the verdict: The SongStation Karaoke System is by far, hands down THE Best and the most feature-rich of all of them.

Thank you for making my Mondays a little more exciting.

- Michelle Ramos
Planet Of Rock Studios


Remote Control Features :

" If You Love To Sing, And You Don't Want To Spend An Arm

And A Leg On Expensive CD+G Discs or DVDs, Then This

Might Be The Most Valuable Product You'll Ever Purchase! "


The revolutionary advanced scoring system (patent pending) using a combination of judging factors such as intonation, volume, pitch control, tone consistency and tempo.

The judging system is dynamic and changes according to the genre and type of song. It gives an accurate score of your vocals! It is inbuilt directly into the "SongStation".

See our video demonstration page for a real-time display of the scoring system in work.


Frequently Asked Questions

Karaoke Fun For The Entire Family!

We've all done it all. - Found ourselves at a party or in a club one evening when all of a sudden a Karaoke Machine starts up and people all around you are crooning away.

The Karaoke Machine and accesories

Eventually the songbook lands on your lap and its your turn. Five embarrassing minutes later and the ordeal is over, yet something inside, no matter how much you'll disagree is hoping you get to sing another.

Sound familiar? Well, this advanced entertainment system is just what you need to satisfy that singing urge!

The Karaoke System SongStation

On the surface the SongStation M688 looks and feels like any other DVD player. Roughly the same size as a standard slim-line player, it features on the front of the box all the relevant buttons to get you started.

The difference and the telltale signs the addition of two mic sockets, an echo effect dial and pitch changer buttons.

Back View of the MIDI Karaoke Player

The echo adds just that to your performance and will give you that stadium f eel even in your living room. Likewise the pitch buttons allow you to lower or raise the pitch of your singing - ideal if your trying to achieve the dulcet tones of Barry White or the high pitch squeals of Dolly Parton or Kylie Minogue.

Karaoke Song Book

The player is capable of playing a host of DVD and CD formats, obviously including the widely available CD+G format; but also the latest MIDI & MP3 discs.

Whether for personal home, or semi professional use, the SongStation MDVD688 is really a great karaoke player.

How To Buy Karaoke Machine

Download Karaoke Online Files Songs

Customised Welcome / Greetings Message: You can programme the player to show on the screen a customised welcome / greeting message during song intervals.

A very useful feature in commercial applications eg. Clubs, Pubs, Cafes, Restaurants and KTV / Karaoke music lounges

(Click On Image To Enlarge)

Karaoke System 1

Change Text Setup Screen - (Click On Image To Enlarge)

Karaoke Text Setup 1

Setup Screen 1 - ( Click On Image To Enlarge )

Karaoke Machine System Setup 1

Setup Screen 2 - ( Click On Image To Enlarge )

Karaoke Machine System Setup 2

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All Orders Are Shipped Via Fedex Priority "Next-Day" Delivery in a 10kg box.

It comes with detailed online tracking and signature confirmation.

You'll receive the entire package within 3 working days!


How To Buy Karaoke Machine

Download Karaoke Online Files Songs